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Terms & Conditions Hunting App

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF HUNTING APP (hereinafter the “Terms & Conditions”)

1. Provider

The Provider of Hunting App (hereinafter the “Application”) is Sellier & Bellot a.s. with its registered office at Lidická 667, 258 01 Vlašim, Czech Republic, Company ID: 28982347 (hereinafter the “Provider”).

2. Nature and limitations of the Application

The Application is a free-of-charge, solely organizational localization tool designed for users – fans of individual and collective hunting (hereinafter the “User”). The Provider is entitled to change the Application or terminate its development (updates).

The Provider warns about possible unreliability, malfunction or inaccuracy of the Application caused, for example, by geographic, weather, technical and other conditions at a given location and time of the use of the Application. The accuracy of the displayed location of users and other objects can be affected by the signal quality of the navigation system or the technical setting of the device containing the installed Application performed by its manufacturer or the User. The deviation in person or object location can be up to 50 metres. There may be other persons in the hunting area, e.g. other hunters who do not use the Application or use it incorrectly, other people not involved in hunting and moving or non-moving objects not displayed by the Application.

3. User liability

The User is obliged to familiarize themselves with these Terms & Conditions before using the Application. The use of the Application does not in any way affect the User’s obligation to act in accordance with the legal regulations applicable and effective at the place of use of the Application, especially in the area of protection of life, health and property, handling of firearms, including shooting or safe and cautious hunting. The User must not rely on data obtained from the Application, in particular when assessing the safety of shooting and the use of a firearm. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage or other harm caused in connection with the use of the Application by the User.

4. Privacy and marketing

In order to use the Application and its functionalities, the User must provide an e-mail contact. The Provider shall not pass on the User’s personal data to third parties; this does not apply to processing by the Provider’s contractual partner in the territory of the European Union – DaMi development s.r.o. based in Prague, Czech Republic, Company ID: 28823192. The Provider is authorized to contact the User via e-mail with commercial offers of its goods or services.

5. Dispute resolution

Any disputes between the Provider and the User shall be resolved by the appropriate general court of the Provider under the laws of the Czech Republic.

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Terms & Conditions Hunting App